Keeping Opossums Out of My Garden

You are a person who likes to garden. You have a beautiful rose bed, a bright sunflower bed and last but not the least you most favorite of all. The Coreopsis that is on the verge of blooming.  But one day you wake up to have figured out that you had opossum visiting your house last night. You screamed. It did not go for the trash cans. It ignored your house. What it went for was your beautiful and about to be glamorous flower bed and ate many of the coreopsis buds. You might have been neutral about them in the past. But now they have crossed their limit. You are determined to never even think of going towards your garden again. 

Use the Power of Smell
Possums have a very good sense of smell. They are easily frightened. Search the market for commercially sold possum repellants. These are an odor that the possums dislike. They will avoid getting near it. You can make or buy Quassia chip spray. It has proven to be the most effective against possums. From ingredients available at your home you can use garlic. Even spread Souchong tea or strong smelling herbs will likely do the trick.

Fool the Opossum
Although in experiments opossums may have proven that they have intelligence above that of dogs. They are still far from our level. Besides opossums get afraid easily. Now if you can get a dog and it lives in a dog house in the yard. You can almost rest easy. If not, well, be creative.  Visit your nearest nursery and ask them for predator urine. That is urine collected from a predator like a big dog, coyotes and the like. Trust it almost anything is available if you search properly. Spray it around and also some on the plants. It can work as a fertilizer as well. Use blood of a predator. That is easily available. If not even that then furs of cats and dog might do the trick.

Keep out Possums
If you are truly determined to keep them away, keep them out. No, literally. Built a fence around the flower bed and have the top of the fence slippery. The claws won't be able to grip it then. Go for the electrical fence if you want revenge and future assurance. One touch and you get a fried possum for the morning. Happy waking! Use Chicken net to cover the garden completely. Tending may get hard, but it's worth it if the pesky mammals stay out for good.

Motion Activated Devices
Use motion activated devices for extra performance. Some spray water or a similar substance on when activated. Others may ambush them with bright lights. The best part is that these preventers only activate when they sense motion near their given range. No useless nonsense.

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